Tim Chermak is the co-founder of Platform, a digital marketing agency for real estate professionals. He’s also the author of Main Street Marketing and High Hanging Fruit. Tim is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, liberty, and Chipotle burritos.

Time Stamped Notes

  • 02:40 Intro
  • 03:18 Tim tells us more about himself
  • 09:00 Started doing 10k/month at 22
  • 10:00 Went from 10k/month to 4k
  • 15:00 The turning point
  • 22:15 What Tim would do if he could do it all over again
  • 31:00 Millennials aren’t buying houses? Why?
  • 34:00 Advice on how to get your friends and family to support you
  • 42:00 Tim discovered $5000 after he dropped out – put it all towards books on Amazon
  • 47:10 Just in time learning
  • 57:20 You don’t have to be a programmer or coder to have a successful startup
  • 58:30 Tim’s wife taught herself accounting
  • 01:01:30 Personal habit that Tim believes contributes to his success
  • 01:05:12 Recommended internet resource
  • 01:06:43 Parting advice for anyone thinking of dropping out
  • 01:08:50 Parting advice for who has already dropped out
  • 01:13:13 Best way to connect with Tim

4 Key Points

  • Be careful not to try and manage the symptoms of a problem and instead try to get to the root issue. Tim discovered that he was trying to manage and optimize a bad business model. Once he changed the model, his business took off.
  • Ask yourself if you are living the same year over and over again, or are you actually challenging yourself and putting yourself in situations that will grow you year after year.
  • Get that first client and develop that first case study. Use that to generate a snowball affect of getting more and more clients.
  • All people care about in the business world is if you will get results…not what your GPA was.

Resources Mentioned

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