At 17, Diana was the youngest to be accepted into Praxis, a program for entrepreneurial thinkers with an acceptance rate of about 10%. Within two months after starting, she was hired at MailLift, a handwritten letter service. Within her first month of training at MailLift, Diana took on managing $100k in accounts. The Quarter that Diana joined the team was MailLift’s most profitable quarter ever and Diana led with top sales numbers and now she is managing sales full time for Mail Lift.

When she’s not helping grow a startup, you can find Diana longboarding with friends, walking her two dogs, sitting in a coffee shop behind her laptop, watching The Office or Parks and Recreation, and traveling and adventuring 

Time Stamped Notes

  • 02:40 Intro
  • 03:30 Diana tells us a bit more about herself
  • 04:50 Diana’s dropout story and how she discovered Praxis
  • 07:50 How Diana convinced her parents to support her opting out of college
  • 08:40 Advice for how to convince your parents to support you dropping out
  • 12:00 Why did Diana think college was a waste of time and money at 16 years old?
  • 12:55 The fears Diana had when she dropped out
  • 14:00 In depth into the Praxis program and how it works
  • 21:00 Worst entrepreneurial moment
  • 22:01 AH HA moment
  • 26:00 What would current Diana tell past Diana?
  • 29:00 When Diana is hiring for her company she doesn’t pay attention to whether or not the applicant has a degree
  • 31:00 Personal habit that contributes to Diana’s success
  • 35:00 Quality that Diana has that she considers essential to being an entrepreneur
  • 35:36 Recommended book
  • 36:28 Recommended internet resource
  • 37:09 Advice for people who are thinking of dropping out
  • 38:38 Advice for people who have already dropped out
  • 39:22 Best way for people to connect with Diana

4 Key Points

  • One of the best things you can do is get experience with a fast paced startup.
  • You can go to college any time you want in life…it doesn’t just have to be right after you graduate high school. You should be able to explore what you want to be, do, and have before you make a decision to go to college or not.
  • Make sure when you drop out that you have an action plan first. An idea is not enough, you have to have clear goals and tasks set.
  • Start a personal blog and website as soon as possible. Start creating things and advertising your accomplishments.

Resources Mentioned

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